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What Is Gloving?

Those unfamiliar with the term might immediately think it has something to do with making gloves. The truth is that gloving is a form of dance. It originated at the Insomniac rave festival, but it has since been banned from these festivals. Gloving originated when somebody took the idea of all the lights that are already at raves and combining them with gloves. The typical glove used for gloving has LED lights at each fingertip. Dancing with these gloves on allows the wearer to create moving art in the dark surroundings of a rave.

Gloving was banned from the Insomniac festivals when it was wrongly tied to drug culture. Many gloving enthusiasts didn’t let that stop them however and the community still thrives. There are professional made gloves available now, instead of the makeshift gloves that the dance originated from. Using the EmazingLights gloves is a popular choice for many who practice gloving as an art form. The owner of this company is also a gloving enthusiast.

Many people who practice gloving are in fact professional dancers who use their gloves as an added element of their dance. The lights in the gloves allow the dancer to create spectacular art and hypnotize the audience. When gloving is done right, it can be a beautiful and moving thing to watch, just like with all other forms of dance.

Using the EmazingLights gloves

The gloving community now hopes to shed the stigma that came along with the Insomniac ban. They want to showcase the amazing talent that some gloving dancers have and the legitimacy of their art form. The EmazingLights gloves company is one of the forerunners in this effort. Those who are interested in gloving can attend the various gloving events and competitions that take place. Many people also go to clubs to dance with their gloves, since gloving is not banned there.