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Types Of Crystals And Their Uses

There are many different types of crystals you could wear. Many choose their crystal jewelry based on aesthetic purposes, but crystals can have other effect on you as well.

Amethysts are a popular crystal for jewelry. These crystals are perfect to wear if you’re sick physically or mentally. They help to speed up healing and provides a gateway to growing spiritually. People who suffer from addiction should definitely wear amethysts since they can help to beat an addiction. Amethysts are easy to find, beautiful and they have health benefits.

Rose Quartz is a popular crystal because of its pretty pink color, but there is more to this beautiful crystal than just looks. Giving your lover rose quartz will help to grow unconditional love between the two of you. Rose quartz also opens the heart chakra, making you and whoever you give it to more receptive to love. It will also help its wearer to keep a clear mind and do things with good intentions.

There are several crystals that offer protection. Firstly, you have tiger’s eye which is fairly easy to find. Psychics often use this gemstone to protect themselves from negative psychic energy or attacks. For the average person, they can prevent negative energy from taking root. If you feel like something negative or malicious is already in your life, finding black tourmaline could help you. This crystal is the most powerful when it comes to protection against negative entities. Psychics will often use this crystal to protect them when exploring the astral plane.

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Looking for a mood booster? Citrine is the perfect crystal for you. This crystal brings positive energy into your life and promotes self-love. It’s perfect as a confidence and mood booster.

All of these crystals can be used as jewelry or for psychic purposes.